CoronaVirus Business Opportunities for Locksmiths | US Mr. Prolock

CoronaVirus Business Opportunities for Locksmiths | US Mr. Prolock

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The coronavirus is spreading all over the world. I did a video back at the beginning of January 2020, I said this is going to hit us hard, locksmiths, be prepared. Now it’s here, they’re shutting down borders, they’re stopping flights. It is affecting business. In some areas, we’ve had big drops in our business. But now we’re seeing an increase in other parts of the businesses and this is an opportunity for locksmiths. Public events are shutting down but now they want to restrict more access and they’re rekeying the locks to stop people from going into other areas. Seniors homes, they now have to restrict access because of the coronavirus and they are rekeying all their exterior doors. So there are huge opportunities.

Businesses are more vulnerable. We just had a bunch of churches got broken into because they’re not as busy with shutting down community events so they’re quiet and the burglars can’t bust into the homes because everybody’s home so now they’re breaking into churches. I’m just gonna leave right now, I’m going to a church and we’re gonna have to secure it down.

Locksmiths, you can do a couple of things. You can cocoon up and just ride it out or you can go out there and help secure your community and make some money too.

They are shutting down borders, shutting down air flights but is an opportunity, locksmiths. Go out there, be prepared, do some basic stuff call your clients, give them some security ideas. They are fearful, they need some expert guidance.

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CoronaVirus Business Opportunities for Locksmiths

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