Milwaukee M18 CP 3.0 Battery Review 2023 | US Mr. Prolock

Milwaukee M18 CP 3.0 Battery Review 2023: This is my new go to Cordless battery for everyday use.

Milwaukee M18 CP 3.0 Battery Review 2023

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The MILWAUKEE M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT CP3.0 Battery Pack provides 50% more power and runs 50% cooler vs M18 REDLITHIUM CP battery packs. This increased performance results in the same power and runtime of a M18 REDLITHIUM XC battery in a lighter and more compact package. The 18-volt battery pack delivers fade-free power and runs substantially cooler through heavy applications, allowing trade professionals to push their cordless tools throughout a wide application range. The REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT CP3.0 battery is fully compatible with all 175+ Milwaukee M18 solutions.

Milwaukee M18 for Locksmiths

If you’re a regular on my channel, you know I like the Milwaukee. I’ve had everything. Makita, DeWalt, played with the Bosch, wasn’t too pleased. I’ve been very happy, whether we’ve got the DeWalts or the Milwaukees, they’re both very, very similar. I tend to find the Milwaukee a little bit better. Plus they hooked me very early on. I can push the battery and see what the charge is on this battery. I just love it. I can check it anytime. I’ve had really good luck with the batteries.

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What I found though, I use the, these are the three amp. They’re the X C3.0. And I’ve had the 1.5s, they’re half the size. The problem is the half size ones don’t have enough amps or guts to run your – I take the cordless grinder and I turn it into a cordless cutter. And I just found I have to use minimum of the three amp. And if you look at the Milwaukees, they’ve got, you know, I’m just, this is for locksmithing. The three amp has been good enough for me on everything I’ve used so far. It’s been fantastic. It’s good. I have lots of these, but the 1.5s I find just don’t cut it. So what – I’ve always used the three X C3.0s, but what I’m finding now is this new one. So this one’s called the high output… 0C? Now what is it? High output CP 3.0. So this is a three amp. And in theory, it’s lighter. A little bit lighter than this one, a little bit more slim line, and it’s three amps and it’s got 50% more power. So… now, this won’t make any difference. If you put it – really, if you’re putting it into lights or into your cordless vacuum cleaner. Mr. Locksmith™

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